Call for a strategy conference 2024 to save the foundations of human life

  • The current development with the accumulation of regional environmental disasters or the highest average tem- perature measured in 2023 emphasises that we are in a race against time. Above all, with the melting of perma- frost soils or the melting of polar ice, processes have occurred that are self-reinforcing and can no longer be reversed. Environmental awareness is growing among the population, but the situation is still often underesti- mated. The brazen denial of the climate crisis by ultra-right forces and fascist demagogues also has a paralysing, disorientating and divisive effect. The new developments require us to talk to each other with mutual respect and at eye level about the path and perspectives of the environmental struggle. We therefore want to organise joint strategy conference in Berlin on the weekend of 20/21 April 2024.
  • All forces are welcome that seriously want to fight the global environmental catastrophe and see themselves as the antithesis to government and monopoly policies
  • Our special profile is the promotion of the unity of the labour and environmental movements. Neither the labour movement nor parts of the environmental movement in isolation can develop the necessary strong re- sistance movement, let alone a socially transformative force.
  • The consequences of environmental destruction have many faces – from increasing hunger and poverty to more and more people being forced to flee their homes, to intensified wars over raw materials and food. We are looking to join forces with other social movements, social movements, the women’s movement, the youth move- ment, the refugee movement, and all those who are taking action to save humanity.
  • We want to constructively discuss the common demands, path and strategy of the environmental movement in our diversity – from the social council to socialism, from the economy for the common good to the circular economy. (There are various approaches to what active resistance should look like: Occupy actions, civil disobe- dience, consumer boycotts, industrial strikes, etc.). What is the extent of the global environmental catastrophe, to what extent and how can we mitigate or stop it, does capitalism have to be overcome and how? We also want to reach joint agreements, demands and practical activities.
  • We expressly invite international environmental campaigners and representatives of the labour movement. A struggle in Germany alone cannot be successful.
  • Our basic principles are: Democratic and solidary culture of debate around the common cause, ideological openness – anti-communists, anti-Semites, racists, fascists and climate deniers have no place at the conference. We are non-partisan, every party, organisation and movement can participate on an equal base, has the right to appear independently and in turn contributes to the overall success of the conference. Individuals are also very welcome. We are financially independent, we organise the conference autonomously, supported by all participating forces.