Jean Ziegler: Signature and greeting to the call for the 2024 Strategy Conference

Dear colleagues,
Dear friends!

I wholeheartedly support your plan to organise the “Strategy Conference to Save the Livelihoods of Mankind”! The outbreak of the global environmental catastrophe is jeopardising the survival of mankind. I am familiar with Stefan Engel’s book on the subject. It is excellent. If it is not stopped or contained, it will be devastating for billions of people. Then humanity will descend into barbarism. This is a very serious matter.

We must discuss how this can be prevented. Your idea of bringing labour, scientists and the environmental movement together is an excellent idea. That is a powerful force. I support that. You also have to get to the bottom of things. I am convinced that the exploitation of people and nature must be overcome. Unfortunately, I can’t be at the conference in person. I am glad that you exist and that you are doing such important work. I sincerely wish you all every success! I send you my warmest greetings full of solidarity and admiration.

Your Jean Ziegler